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Tips on How to Mulch your Leaves into the Lawn

Tips on How to Mulch your Leaves into the Lawn

Did you know that mulching those leaves into your lawn or garden benefits your soil in different ways?

According to research findings by Michigan State University, mulching leaves and using them in your garden, lawn or flower beds is beneficial because they get decomposed by micro-organisms found in soils turning them into organic matter that can be used by your plants.

Trees and flowers in our yard always add beauty, but during fall we find ourselves spending a lot of time bagging, raking and blowing leaves to maintain a beautiful environment. Always stressed with this extra work? Well, the good news is that you can mulch these leaves and increase nutrient level in your soils for your plants to remain healthy.

Mulching your leaves into the lawn helps you save time and money. Bagging those leaves means that you’ll spend money by paying whoever collects and bags them. It also helps prevent environmental pollution. If you decide to burn them, you’ll be polluting the environment. Mulching is therefore the best way to use your leaves because it fills your soils with rich nutrients essential for your plants.

Prepare your yard for winter season by mulching leaves in your lawn.

Mulching Tips

Depending on the type of lawn mower used, you can mulch about 6-inches at a time.  Push mowers are very effective when it comes to mulching leaves and using them in your lawn. These mowers can effectively reduce volume of leaves and mix them with grass rich in nitrogen.

Lawnmowers come with a special blade and deck specifically for chopping leaves into tiny particles that can be left to decompose and therefore controlling weed and acting as fertilizer for your grass. Get the right lawnmower that will help you mulch those leaves in the best way possible.

Leaves are always rich in carbon and when mixed with grass they tend to decompose faster than when left to decompose separately. This is according to turf research by Michigan State University specialists.

Use a lawnmower that will not require making several passes to mulch thick layers of leaves. This is better than raking or blowing because it not only reduces the time needed to clear the leaves but it also saves you raking, blowing and bagging money.

Benefits of mulching your leaves into lawns

  • By mulching leaves into lawns or gardens, you provide the soil with rich nutrients suitable for your grass and plants
  • Mulched leaves control weeds effectively
  • A mixture of grass particles and mulched leaves decompose faster improving soil aeration and nutrient level

If you find yourself dealing with thick layers of leaves, you can always use any extra mulch in areas such as gardens and flower beds. The mulch should be distributed naturally to avoid covering the grass. This is for photosynthesis purposes.

Before you know it, you’ll find that mulched leaves have disappeared to allow your grass to look healthier and greener. Just get the right lawnmower to easily help you mulch your leaves into the lawn and avoid raking or getting someone to blow and collect your leaves.