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  • One small job -- the type where no one gets hurt and everyone gets paid. Except Jack knows that there's no such thing as a small job and his only chance of getting out of Hope alive are a killer with half a brain, a drug-addicted wheelman, and a crazed demolitions expert.

What our readers say:

  • In McFadden's "Through the Mirror Darkly" there are plot turns and roller-coaster rides that contorts as reality and delusion become sides of the same coin.

    Lin (from the review)

  • This was a great read, full of everything you want - action, adventure and even a bit of a scare. Will be looking out for books by the three authors and for other books from The Tenth Circle Saga.

    by QuietNoise (from the review)

  • " Explosions, murders, civilian casualties, femme fatales, double crosses, pyromaniacs, schizophrenics, psychopaths, outright bastards...and that's all just in the first story!

    The stories in the first circle are short, violent, and end abruptly, a good metaphor for the lives of the people of Hope and Glory.

    Take a little bit of Eric Lustbater, a dash of Lee Child, a cup of William Gibson, and a teaspoon of Steven King and what you end up with is the Tenth Circle Project, a fusion of about two dozen different genres set against a world on the precipice of tearing itself apart.

    Brian D. Garside (from the review)