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Best Windshield Wipers Reviews 2018

Best Windshield Wipers Reviews 2018

Many people don’t really understand how important windshield wipers can be, most people take them for granted and just accept that they are there and part of their vehicle. In many different weather conditions, your windshield wipers come in handy, whether it be rain, hail or snow they are there for your protection as they clear up the visibility of your windshield in such conditions.

Windshield wipers are even great in clear conditions due to your windshield getting dirty they help to clean them as having low visibility is a major hazard and has caused a lot of accidents in the past. Skip to the best windshield wipers on Amazon.

It’s no secret that windshield wipers don’t last forever, they are subject to wear and tear just like any other part of your vehicle and will need replacement at one point which can be a bit of a frustration but as I mentioned earlier, they are for safety purposes.

Top 10 Windshield Wipers Reviews

ImageProduct NameMaterialAvailable In Different Sizes
Rain-X 5079281-1 Latitude Wiper Blade - 26" (Pack of 1)Synthetic RubberYes
Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade, Up to 40% Longer Life - 26" (Pack of 1)Synthetic RubberYes
ANCO 31-Series 31-24 Wiper Blade - 24", (Pack of 1)FX Dual RubberYes
Valeo 900221B Frameless ULTIMATE 22" All-Season OE Replacement Wiper BladeTec3 RubberNot Currently
OEM QUALITY 18" + 18" AERO Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades (Set of 2)Specially Blended RubberYes
Trico 25-240 Force High Performance Beam Blade - 24-InchHighGlide treated RubberYes
Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Flex Design, 26" (Pack of 1)RubberYes
AutoTex Premium Beam Windshield Wiper Blade - Smooth Car Window Wiping Windscreen Accessory. Scratch Proof, Corrosion Resistant Rubber Frame. DIY Automotive AccessoriesDuraTex Advanced RubberYes
TuningPros WBP-20-19 Bracketless Windshield Wiper Blade, 20" (500mm) Driver Side & 19" (475mm) Passenger Side, Set of 2Dual RubberYes
SilBlade FLX 2222 Premium Beam Wiper Blade Set - 22"/22"Dual RubberYes

Our Pick

Rain-X 5079281-1 Latitude Wiper Blade - 26" (Pack of 1)

Rain-X Latitude Windshield Wiper

With very easy installation, efficiency and consistency to be of a higher degree, the Rain-X certainly leaves many users happy as it’s a smart yet practical choice as it is effective no matter the weather conditions or climates.

A perfect wiper to keep things simple.

There are many cheap brands on the market that may work for the time being but after a short time you will notice that they may not be so good and I completely understand you may not want to pay premium prices for them.

Some clues that indicate you may already need to buy new wipers are broken frames, metal corrosion, tears within the rubber, rubber having lost its flexibility and this is just the basics. All of these issues put you at risk of low visibility and if corrosion is present it can lead to more extreme issues such as the blade snapping during driving.

Not only does this cause issues for your safety but can actually cause your car to fail safety checks and be deemed unsafe for the road until you replace or repair your windshield wipers.

So, in this article, I have compiled a list of 10 windshield wipers that are available on the market that will ensure you get long lasting use and overall personal driving safety.

Windshield Wiper Reviews

1. Rain-X Latitude Windshield Wiper

Rain-X 5079281-1 Latitude Wiper Blade - 26" (Pack of 1)

Created to focus on consistency, the Rain-x offers a high level of quality and a long lasting guarantee. Most premium blades will be suited to specific climates, however, the Rain-X has you covered no matter where in the world you find yourself, making this one of the smarter decisions to purchase when buying new wipers.

Just taking a look at the windshield wiper you can see it’s a well-rounded product and offers everything you may need within a windshield wiper. The consistency of these blades are a major factor and they are very efficient, one problem with wipers that seems to have a large impact on their guarantee is that the structure of them has no efficiency at all.

A lot of wipers aren’t built structurally all too well, with exposed metal pieces it leaves them victim to the elements and makes them wear rather quickly, meaning a new replacement shortly after.

Within the materials used on the Rain-X, they have made it in such a way where it cleans everything on your windshield, even matters that would normally stick and as a result would cause build up and in effect, render your wipers useless.

One of the best features of these wipers is that they make very little noise which can be a distraction but over time where other wipers would start to make a lot of noise and squeak, the Rain-X seems to reduce the noise made by use of the wipers, again due to materials used.

With very easy installation, efficiency and consistency to be of a higher degree, the Rain-X certainly leaves many users happy as it’s a smart yet practical choice as it is effective no matter the weather conditions or climates.

A perfect wiper to keep things simple.

2. Bosch 26-A Icon Windshield Wiper

Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade, Up to 40% Longer Life - 26" (Pack of 1)

Many people will overlook their windshield wipers and may even push it to the side and forget all about them until it’s too late and they need repair. No matter the weather or the season your car will need a great and reliable set of wiper blades, there is no excuse to not have them.

If you have been impressed so far with the overall curved design of the Rain-X Latitude, then take a look at the Bosch 26-A Icon wiper, it has an over curved design and is made to fit the majority of windshields, meaning nearly everyone no matter the car can get good use out of them.

Bosch has always provided award winning designs and certainly haven’t cut any corners with this product, they have designed this wiper blade to be noise-cutting and give you a smooth and clear visionary experience.

If you have ever driven at high speeds then you will have realised that most wipers on the market don’t cope very well with it and in certain weather conditions, having blades that aren’t performing too well is an extreme hazard. Well, Bosch came along and solved that problem, their Icon blades are built to operate effectively in normal and severe weather conditions and also offer precision at higher speeds.

Sporting a dual rubber that connects directly with the glass, as should it has a micro-finish wiping edge that not only clears your screen with ease but faces up to oxidation and deterioration and also has added heat resistance.

Bosch definitely have some of the highest ratings you will ever see when it comes to their wiper blades with the spring loaded frame it’s definitely a consumer favourite. It has a higher than average rating from customers with very minimum negative reviews.

3. Anco 31 Series Wiper Blades

ANCO 31-Series 31-24 Wiper Blade - 24", (Pack of 1)

The Anco 31 series blades don’t seem to be all that exciting, they are just a standard wiper, however, they hold more than meets the eye. The reviews suggest they may just be standard and plain but the 31 series is very durable and effective which is perfect for anyone who needs to buy a replacement.

If you had to compare these to others on the market, yes there are plenty of products that might outweigh them in terms of effectiveness but the best part of these wipers is they can still hold up to the top brands while being low for their price. Whereas higher end products will cost twice the price, the Anco 31 series has a perfect cost to effectiveness ratio.

Usually, when shopping for lower cost wipers, you will have to sacrifice some features which can be a rather poor choice and the 31 series makes you consider one such sacrifice. The quietness of this blade is rather low, it isn’t overwhelmingly loud but it still makes a significant amount of noise.

Thankfully, this is one of the easier blades to install and can take a matter of seconds or minutes but for some users, there are compatibility issues meaning that the blade may never be properly installed which is something Anco don’t exactly tell you. The best way to ensure this blade will fit your windshield properly is by checking the curvature on it and making sure that it is very minimalistic.

One of the better features of this wiper is that it does actually offer a long lifespan and is very durable, Anco has a reputation of selling products that need to be changed very frequently however they broke the mould with this one and made it long lasting.

Certainly, a great, budget choice if you meet the criteria needed.


The top three chosen blades that are highly recommended offer a multitude of features and easy installation, while keeping in mind the different needs of customers. All have their own unique features and offer beneficial points to why consumers should buy them, these three products certainly stand out on the market.

As a comparison between them, the two most reliable blades are the Rain-X and Bosch as they will last longer without having to be changed as frequently. Whereas ANCO, though having a longer lifespan than their other products will need to be changed more than the Rain-X and Bosch but is definitely the more economical option.

Each blade has a very easy installation with the Rain-X and Bosch both offering hooks and multiple adaptors so that most vehicles can be accommodated. ANCO offers the blade in different sizes so it may be slightly more limited than the two other products mentioned.

Overall, all of the products mentioned are definitely a great value and can offer a long term solution to windshield wipers. Designed with their user in mind, they certainly bring practicality to the table and offer peace of mind as you are receiving a well rounded, good product.

Best Windshield Wiper Buying Guide

What Exactly Is A Windshield Wiper

Windshield wipers are effectively a safety mechanism on your vehicle that keeps your windshield clean and clear of debris allowing optimal view for driving. Your windshield wipers should always be maintained and be in a state of working constantly, as if not it can be a serious safety hazard.

If your blades become worn out, torn or cracked then you will not be provided with clear visibility in many weather conditions which can certainly lead to serious accidents.

Most wiper blades have a simple and common design, whereas others offer more elaborate designs but the main importance and feature are to keep your windshield clean.


Rubber Blades

This is what you can find in traditional blades, almost every standard blade is made with rubber as it is easy to form and very inexpensive to make. The flexibility of the rubber is key as it can attach easily to the steel housing without sacrificing any strength meaning it can keep the windshield clear.

The only downside really of rubber blades is that it tends to wear out and crack after a season of weather and can deteriorate quicker in stronger elements. The lifespan of traditional blades is usually around 6 months meaning you have to buy a new pair often.

Silicone Blades

A newer material brought to the market, they hold up better against harsher weather conditions than a rubber blade would. They are made with a similar concept and offer everything a traditional rubber blade does.

Prone to less cracking and deterioration they certainly last longer than traditional blades unless used in off road circumstances then they may wear quickly.

Coated Blades

Coated blades are high-performance blades made with an enhanced rubber to increase the lifespan and ensure optimal performance. The most popular coated blades are Teflon and graphite and have a protective coating on the rubber to guarantee they won’t wear quickly.

Framed & Bracketless

Framed Blades

The standard design for blades, made with a steel frame with arcs providing pressure on certain places along the length of the blade. This means there won’t even pressure all the way along the blade and can create streaks due to uneven pressure when in use.

Bracketless Blades

The newest design available on the market, it has a beam that will create pressure in the arc and the force of it is applied to the midpoint where it has an attachment to the arm. This design has more of an advantage in snowy and icy conditions as it has no moving, exposed parts.

Hybrid Blades

A combination of both blades created to have pressure along the length of the blade and its midpoint, giving even pressure for smoother more flawless cleaning.

Blade Replacement

Even if only one side of your blades show wear and tear, it’s best to replace both at the same time as even though it may not show on the other blade it will still have substantial damage due to being subject to the same conditions for the same period of time.

Your blades should be replaced when wear and tear becomes present.


As being one of the more overlooked features of a vehicle, it’s sometimes hard to choose when picking a new blade but it’s also important to remember that these are a vital safety feature on your vehicle.

You need to take care of your blades and replace them as soon as they start to show signs of deterioration to ensure that your visual safety is always present. If you leave it too long to change them you will be impacting your safety and potentially your wallet.

You can find many great wipers online that offer a guarantee of usability, practicality and durability instead of paying convenience store or garage prices that will leave you out of pocket for a less than par product.

Whatever you are looking for, just taking a short time to research and compare each blade will help you along in deciding which is best for you. Not all blades are made the same, some are really poor where others are amazing value.