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Best Laser Keyboards 2017

Best Laser Keyboards 2017

You want to travel light, don’t you? Carrying a bulky laptop seems so difficult especially when you have to visit different places. Imagine yourself going to a café and woop! Here comes a call from your boss asking for some report what will you do? Here comes hologram keyboard to your rescue. We have taken up the task to go through the hassle of going through all virtual laser keyboards to make a comprehensive list of best projection keyboards for you.

Top 10 Virtual Keyboards

Celluon EPIC Virtual Keyboard3.9$$130
CTX Technologies VK200 Keyfob3.8$$$$92
CTX Virtual Keyboard3.8$$$92
Celluon Magic Cube3.8$$$123
atongm Laser Projection Keyboard--$$--
iNextStation Virtual Keyboard3.5$10
AGS Laser Projection Keyboard3.5$178
ShowMe Laser Keyboard3.5$19
AGS Virtual Keyboard3.1$8

Gone are the days of carrying heavy laptops wherever you go. Come on! This is 21 century, keyboards have undergone a lot of innovation now we have hologram keyboard that use laser beam to project a virtual image of keyboard that has sensors embedded.

The sensors take the input from the movement of fingers on the projected keyboard and show the output on the screen of you screen. The screen can be your smartphone, iPad, tablets, and phablets. The best part is you don’t need to wrestle with the wires and can use Bluetooth technology to connect you portable rechargeable keyboard with any device encompassing tablets, iPad, iPhone and other smart technology.

If you never seen this device in action I would tell you it’s a sight that has that Woah! Moment attached to it. We have used several devices and have come with a list of 10 products that are the best in market so far.

AGS Laser Wireless Virtual Keyboard 3 in 1

AGS ™ Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker 3 in 1 for Iphone, Ipad, Smartphone, Blackberry, PS3 and Tablets

This is a marvellous combination of technologies. AGS has combined mouse, keyboard and a Speaker all in one device that is compatible with iPad, iPhone, smartphones including any Smartphone or Blackberry tablet, and even a PS3.

The laser beam is used to project the keyboard. All you have to do is move your fingers on the keyboard. Just like an illusion in magic the keystrokes will appear on the screen. The infrared technology along with sensors in the device will make this happen.

It works with any device that has Bluetooth 3.0 operating systems encompassing PS3, Windows 10 till windows XP, Android 2.1 and all updated versions, iOS4 and later, and Blackberry iOS version 10.

The layout of keyboard is in English QWERTY, microphone is built in, speaker and mouse and speaker (3W power) are connected with Bluetooth, hands-free for calling, built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery.

Good Features
  • It is compact device that can act as a speaker, assists in calling, keyboard, and a virtual mouse.
  • Its best for any type of user.
Weak Features
  • It is small but is a little big for slipping into your pocket. However, it can fit in you travelling bag

Atongm Laser Virtual Projection Keyboard

atongm Ultra-Portable Full-Size Qwerty Laser Projection Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard for Android iOS OS Phone Tablet PC Laptop

Atogm is a portable lightweight keyboard device that you can easily slip in your pocket. It takes only 3 hours to recharge and will show a QWERTY keyboard layout on any flat service.

The device uses Bluetooth or USB to connect to screen. Atongm has a reliable 700 mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery embedded in it that can is best for heavy usage. Yes, the device is compatible with all the existing operating systems on computer and hand held devices.

Good Features
  • It can be used for business or home usage
  • The device is best for those who travel a lot and need strong battery life device
Weak Features
  • It can’t be used outdoor as the display gets really dull and is difficult to understand
  • It is expensive


SAWAKE Ultra-Portable Virtual Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard Mouse for Iphone, Ipad, Smartphone and Tablets etc

No need to suffer by typing on a puny cellphone when you have a Holographic keyboard. Need to work while at a café just place the device on your table and start working on your phone or tablet it is as simple as that.

Sawake hologram keyboard tends to create a keyboard that is the size of actual keyboard. The best part is it includes shortcut keys; that allow you to type quickly and easily. It is powered by USB port.

Good Features
  • Understand multi gestures
  • The sensors are amazing in terms of accuracy
Weak Features
  • The display is weak in sunlight

The iNextStation Virtual

iNextStation Wireless Bluetooth Projection Virtual Keyboard,Ultra-Portable Full-Size mini projector Laser Virtual Keyboard Mouse Bluetooth for iPhone iPad Galaxy Tab Galaxy Note Android Phone Tablet

The device is a QWERTY keyboard with spaces in between letters for accuracy. The laser light is crisp. Supports Bluetooth connection and also has a mouse. It can detect 350 characters per minute.

Good Features
  • Can be used in sunlight
  • Light flashes if the battery is low
Weak Features
  • Low battery time

Maxsync LK100b

Maxsync® Virtual Projected Laser Bluetooth Keyboard for Phone PC Tablet Laptop--Black

It has a really impressive battery life of more than 3 hours. The keyboard is same as others QWERTY layout. The sensors are very strong and accuracy is high.

Good Features
  • 3+ hour battery life
  • Can easily slip in your pocket
Weak Features
  • Keyboard size is not adjustable


BTC Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard for Apple iPad IOs Android, Black

The laser projection keyboard offers 400 characters detection per minute. It has standard QWERTY layout.

Good Features
  • Can easily slip in your pocket
Weak Features
  • Keyboard stoke feedback cannot be turned off
  • Projection is a bit weak

The Rockbirds F1A

Rockbirds F1A Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard for iPhone 6/Plus 5S 5C 5 4S 4 Samsung Galaxy HTC Sony Xperia Tablet (Black)

Laser virtual keyboard is 4.8 ounce. It has same QWERTY layout.

Good Features
  • Can easily slip in your pocket
Weak Features
  • not compatible with some OS
  • Accuracy level is low

Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable

Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable Full-Size Virtual Keyboard

It is a keyboard with adjustable brightness, QWERTY layout, and sound feedback setting features.

Good Features
  • Can pair with any Bluetooth device
Weak Features
  • a bit heavy

Dragon Laser Keyboard

It is a QWERTY keyboard that has FN keys and has adjustable volume and brightness.


VK200 Keyfob of CTX Technologies

CTX Technologies VK200 Keyfob Virtual Laser Keyboard

Virtual Laser Keyboard that has green laser technology that is sharper than red technology but is a bit expensive. Even though, rest of features are same as other laser keyboards.

Wrapping it up

These are the best laser projection keyboards that we have listed after carrying out tests and analysis on many products available in market. This list will make decision making easy for you.