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Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump Reviews 2018

Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump Reviews 2018

As a new mother, you want to take the very best care of your infant and ensure they have the best nutrition. Breast milk is proven to offer many benefits to a nursing baby. With a hospital grade breast pump, moms are free to travel, return to work, even run errands. By pumping milk and having a supply ready for bottle-feeding, nursing moms can have the freedom to be separated from their baby when it’s necessary. Here are the best medical grade breast pumps we’ve found for you. Read below for breast pump reviews, and a buying guide follows. Skip to the best hospital grade breast pump on Amazon.

Top 10 Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps

Medela Symphony Plus4.3$$$$9
Medela Pump in Style4.4$$1503
Medela Lactina Select3.8$$$24
Spectra Baby USA Double/Single4.4$$602
Spectra Baby USA S24.3$919
Medela Freestyle Breast Pump4.2$$596
Spectra Baby USA S14.5$$50
Spectra Baby USA S24.4$24
Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump3.7$$$20
Hygeia Enjoye, Cordless3.6$$40

Hospital Grade Breast Pump Reviews

Medela Symphony Plus Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Medela Symphony Plus Hospital Grade Breast Pump - BPA Free #0240208

The Medela Symphony Plus is a premium electric double pump from the most trusted brand in breast pumps. This Medela hospital grade pump has many exceptional features to provide superior performance.


The Medela Symphony Plus is easy to operate with just a single knob. It is whisper quiet so you can pump in peace and comfort.

Pumping Action

The Medela Symphony Plus has a two-phase pumping program to help you maintain a good milk supply. The let-down phase is followed by a slower and deeper rhythm, which enables efficient and comfortable expression of milk.

Program Card

The pumping programs are stored on an electronic card for convenience. With the Symphony Plus Program Card, you can swap out between one pump and another and get the same pumping routine. The Initiate program is used immediately in the post-natal days, and is designed to mimic a baby’s natural sucking patterns. After initiation of milk production has been reached, then you switch to the Maintain two-phase program.

Hospital Grade

To keep the pump clean and sterile, the pump’s kit is protected by a unique membrane. It is separate from the pumping mechanism. There are two independent membrane units, which enable easily switching between single and double pumping even in the middle of the process.


The Medela Symphony Plus is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Note that this item is only the pumping kit. Bottles and carrying case are sold separately.

Medela Lactina Select Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Medela Lactina Select Hospital Grade Breast Pump - BPA Free #016SC01

The Medela Lactina is a premium electric breast pump used by hospitals and moms throughout the country. It offers many features that make it ideal for long term use, even by multiple users.


The Medela Lactina is very easy to operate, just attach the collection containers, turn the knob and go. It can also be used as a manual pump, in case a mother prefers to manually adjust the suction action and intensity. Hands-free pumping is enabled if you have the Easy Expression Kit (sold separately). It is lightweight enough to travel with you on the go.

Pumping Action

The Medela Lactina enables single or double pumping. The automatic suck and release action is designed to make your milk supply more regular and efficient. Variable speed and vacuum settings enable you to make adjustments based on the breast pump kit (sold separately). A built-in vacuum release improves comfort because it protects you against excessive or intense suction.

Hospital Grade

This pump is designed for either single or double pumping. It is engineered with multiple users in mind.

Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump with 9ft Cord

Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump with 9ft Cord

The Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump has all the best features that make it so popular in hospitals and birthing centers. It excels in performance and durability, delivering a comprehensive and efficient pumping experience.


The Ameda Elite is very easy to operate. Independent dials adjust the speed and the suction, so you can tailor an optimal collection experience based on your own body and its needs. The motor is very quiet so you can pump in a peaceful and stress-free environment.

At only 6 pounds, the Ameda Elite is small enough to go with you to work, or traveling by car or by plane.

The Ameda Elite includes holders for both bottles and collection bags to help prevent spills.

Pumping Action

The Ameda Elite uses micro-processor technology, proven to be effective in establishing and maintaining your milk supply. The proprietary CustomControl feature allows you to express and collect milk comfortably and efficiently. Connect it up with the acclaimed HygieniKit Milk Collection System (sold separately).

Hygeia Enjoye, Cordless

Hygeia Enjoye, Cordless

The Hygeia Enjoye is a hospital grade pump designed for frequent, long-term use. It is engineered with the best components for efficiency, durability, and comfort.


The Cordless Hygeia Enjoye operates for as much as four hours on a single charge. It runs on internal lithium batteries. The freedom of cordless means you can use this pump anywhere even if there is not a power source. This is a very portable item thanks to the low weight and the included tote.

Pumping Action

The Hygeia Enjoye is designed to simulate your baby’s suckling motions. Independent speed and suction controls give you a customized pumping experience based on your own body and the volume of milk you are expressing. If it becomes too intense, simply adjust the controls to make it more comfortable for you. Pump either one or both breasts at the same time, to maximize your pumping efficiency.

This pumping kit comes along with the personal accessory kit to get you started right away.

Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump Buying Guide

When you’re a new mother there are so many new things to learn. Of course you want to make sure you are taking the very best care of your new baby. Breastfeeding is widely regarded as the best source of nutrition for your child, providing important antibodies and protection from disease. If you are in a position to breastfeed, you can keep doing it even after you go back to work, by expressing and collecting your milk for bottle-feeding while you are separated from your infant.

Hospital grade breast pumps differ from regular electric breast pumps in a couple of important respects. They typically have a stronger motor for more efficient suction. They are designed for long-lasting, frequent use, even by multiple users. These breast pumps are designed with the utmost attention to safety and sterility. They are engineered to ensure that the milk stays uncontaminated, and also limiting the potential for overflow or backing up of milk into the mechanism.


When you are looking for a breast pump, you certainly want to find one with the following elements:

  • Powerful yet efficient – promoting ample milk expression
  • Comfortable – not putting a strain on your body
  • Portable – A lighter machine that runs on batteries will be able to travel on the road, so you don’t have to feel tied down at home.


If your breast pump doesn’t come with these accessories, any nursing mom will want to purchase them separately.

  • Bottles
  • Tubing
  • Collection bags
  • Nursing pads
  • Nipple cream

Using Breast Milk

One final tip that we should mention. When you are storing breast milk for later use, remember that it should never be heated in the microwave, as that destroys some of its benefits. It should be heated gently in warm water or a bottle warmer.