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Best Expandable Garden Hoses 2017

Best Expandable Garden Hoses 2017

Stop struggling with those heavy, old-fashioned rubber hoses and embrace the expandable hose “as seen on TV!” An expandable hose is lightweight, won’t tangle or twist, and collapses for compact storage. Some even fit in your pocket! Remember to obey all manufacturer recommendations to get the best performance and longevity from your hose. Here are our favorite picks for expanding water hoses.

Top 10 Expandable Garden Hoses

YYGIFT 50 ft Flexible Garden Hose5$$$10
50 ft Expandable Hose5$$$6
MALLCROWN Expanding Hose5$$8
Daisy 100ft Expandable Hose5$11
Vela 100-Feet Flexible Hose4.8$$$$8
GENIUSWAY Expandable Hose4.6$$$$11
Arbour Expandable Garden Hose 4.5$$57
100-Feet Expandable Garden Hose4$$14
Garden Hose Expandable 100ft3.8$$$7
Titan Expandable Garden Hose3.8$$28

Titan Expandable Garden Hose

50' Expanding Hose Titan Expandable Garden Hose Solid Brass Connectors Double Layer Latex Core Extra Strength Fabric 3/4 USA Standard Expandable Flexible Water Hose

This garden hose has a newly updated design (2016). The dual latex core provides unparalleled durability. Solid brass fittings, along with rubber washers, will hold up with no leaking or breaking. The outside is 5000D polyester fabric to efficiently protect the latex pipe core.

Consumers praised this hose’s durability, noting that it felt industrial and heavy-duty. Note that for best performance, the manufacturer recommends the hose not be left in direct sunlight or freezing temperatures for an extended period. It should be stored in a climate-controlled environment.

GeniusWay Expandable Garden Hose

GENIUSWAY Expandable Garden Hose 100ft with Adjustable Sprayer - Expands Up To 4 Times, Lightweight, Strongest Fabric, Solid Brass Ends, Double Latex Core, Newest Design 2016, Blue Edition,Free Bonus

The GeniusWay Expandable Garden Hose boast superior quality, using durable materials to ensure lasting performance. The hose is extra-thick double natural latex, protected with 5000D polyester fiber. It includes high-performance brass fittings and also a shut-off valve.

This hose can expand up to 100 feet. The hose can stand up to very high water pressure resistance, up to 205 psi/ 14Bar. The GeniusWay hose includes an 8-setting spray nozzle to be used on any project.

Blind Monk 100-ft Expandable Garden Hose

100-Feet Expandable Garden Hose with 8-setting Switchable Nozzle & Double-Layer Strengthened Latex Inner Tube (1st generation)

The Blind Monk Garden Hose is an excellent choice for a variety of environments such as home, garden, boats, and marinas. It comes with an 8-function watering nozzle to match the needs of your project. The double latex core is protected with a sleek and rugged exterior surface, that resists tearing or cracking.

Solid brass couplings eliminate leaks, and they are durable enough to resist deformation. This hose can withstand water pressure of up to 90 psi. This kit also comes with a hose holder. With rapid expansion and contraction, this hose is very easy to store and transport.

Agritool Expandable Garden Hose Kit

Brass Connectors Expandable Garden Hose kit By Agritool Dark Green with 8 Function Spray Nozzle (50ft)

The Agritool Expandable Garden Hose expands up to 100 ft. It is crafted with high polymer material for maximum strength and durability. Brass fittings will go the distance because they resist deformation and prevent leaks. The kit includes an 8-function spray nozzle to enhance its versatility. Use it in many settings such as car washing, watering the garden, or washing the dog.

The manufacturer recommends that the hose not be stored in direct sunlight or frigid temperatures for long periods. It should be drained and contracted when not in use. Do not attempt to stretch or expand the hose when empty. It will expand automatically when water flows through it.

YYGIFT 50 ft Flexible Garden Hose, 2nd Generation (2016)

YYGIFT 50 ft Flexible Garden Hose With 9-Function Sprayer - Expanding Pocket Water Hose - Durably Crafted - Anti-Burst,Crush-Resistant,Leak-Resistant,The Second Generation 2016

The YYGIFT Flexible Garden Hose expands up to 50 feet. Its interior is a highly durable material called TPS, and a single layer is stronger than triple-layered latex. Abrasion-resistant inner webbing further reinforces the hose against bursting or tearing.

The metal fittings are crush-resistant, and the connections are fixed with aluminum clamps to better resist leaking. The hose ships with a versatile 9-position spray nozzle. Upcycle the unique shipping container by wrapping the hose around it for storage.

Noopel 100-ft Expandable Garden Hose

Garden Hose Expandable 100ft with Heavy Duty Double Latex Core and Solid Brass Fittings Includes 8-Function Spray Nozzle

The Noopel Expandable Garden Hose connects to any standard hose spigot. The lightweight collapsible hose stores easily in small spaces. This hose has a reputation for strength and durability, due to its indestructible core of double layer natural latex, protected by heavy-duty woven fabric.

Tough brass connector fittings resist leaking, and are fitted with an on/off valve for convenience and usability. The Noopel Expandable Garden Hose ships with an 8-position spray nozzle – use it for a variety of applications such as watering the garden or washing windows.

Honest Item 50-ft Expandable Hose

50 ft Hose-LIMITED TIME-3Layer-INCLUDE Valve,SprayGun,Hanger, 1 YR WARRANTY,BEST Premium Quality Water & Garden Flexible Expandable Hose, Pocket,Retractable,Strongest,Planet,Durable,USA Brass Conn D

The Honest Item Expandable Hose employsthe latest state of the art technology to bring you a premium and long lasting hose.  Its core is triple-layered latex, protected by 5000D thick polyester fiber. High performance connectors prevent leaks through the use of non-corrosive brass, metallic clips, and on/off valve.

The hose can withstand water pressure up to 174 psi. The Honest Item Expandable Hose ships with a hose hanger and a versatile 8-function spray nozzle. This hose is fully tested and complies with ISO and other industry standards.

Daisy 100ft Black Expandable Hose

[HOSE IN POCKET] Daisy 100ft Black Expandable Garden Hose, Strongest Expandable & Lightweight w/ Shut Off Valve Solid Brass Connector and 9-pattern Yellow Spray Nozzle, USA Standard, 1 Yr Guarantee

The Daisy 100ft Expandable Hose is a strong and heavy-duty product, while still being lightweight and compact for easy storage and transport. It has a high-performance core of double-layered natural latex, with enhanced seals, covered by high-tenacity tightly woven fabric.

This durable combination resists breaking or cracking. Brass fittings and valve are non-corrosive and will eliminate leaks. Attach it to a sprinkler head if you wish. The Daisy Expandable Hose ships with a 9-function spray nozzle. Use it in a variety of applications, like washing down the deck or watering your flower beds.

Mallcrown Expanding Hose

MALLCROWN Expanding Hose,Strongest Expandable Garden Hose Double Latex Core Solid Brass Connector with 8 Pattern Spray Nozzle (50ft, Red)

The Mallcrown Expanding Hose extends up to 50 feet. It is made of double-layer latex and covered with the most advanced fabric webbing for a longer service life and resistance to wear and tear. This hose is frost-proof and weather-resistant. High-performance brass fittings, include stabilizer collar and shut-off valve for ease of use.

Altogether, this hose is built for longevity and will resist leaking and cracking. The Mallcrown Expanding Hose ships with a multi-functional spray nozzle with an anti-slip handle and a continuous spraying lock. Mallcrown recommends that the hose should be drained when not in use, and not stored in direct sunlight for long periods.

Vela 100-Feet Flexible Garden Hose

Vela 100-Feet Flexible Garden Hose with Holder, Nozzle with 9 Spray Settings

The Vela Flexible Garden Hose expands up to 100 feet. The tried-and-tested combination of latex core and brass fittings provides reliability and durability. This hose will resist wear and tear and is 100% UV-resistant, so it can be stored outdoors.

This hose has enhanced usability due to a built-in on/off valve, and a 9-function spray nozzle which includes hands-free spraying. The Vela Flexible Garden Hose kit includes the nozzle, and a hose holder with 2 washers.