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Best Car Wash Soaps

Best Car Wash Soaps

Since cars came around, a lot of people took pride in washing their car to keep it clean and shiny and even car enthusiasts joined in and made a weekly clean part of their routine.

Having a clean and shiny car makes a driver feel proud and offers him or her great pleasure to have their vehicle look aesthetically pleasing.

Keeping your car clean actually, offers more benefits than just looking good a clean and well-maintained car will prevent paint from wearing away and keep your overall finish looking spick and span.

It’s rather irresponsible to neglect your car and not keep it maintained with regular washes, as paint is a protective layer for your car it’s not only there to look good.

The paint on your car helps to prevent rust and elemental damage to your vehicle, so you can see why it’s rather important to keep it maintained.

The first line of defence when protecting the paintwork on your vehicle is by washing your car and it’s important to choose the correct soap for doing so.

In this article, I will be sharing the top 10 best car wash soaps available.

Top 10 Soaps

ASIN Soap Foam
B00UICCQGQ Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo High
B0009IQXFO Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash High
B00PA2LMVY Griot’s Garage Brilliant Car Wash High
B004K9KETY Chemical Guys Citrus Car Wash Medium
B0009H51B2 Mothers California Gold Car Wash Medium
B00062ZJ1W Armor All Car Wash Medium
B000AMBOX0 Turtle Wax Liquid Car Wash Medium
B00UBIMB1C Barrett-Jackson Car Wash and Wax Liquid Medium
B0009U7Y2I Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Car Wash Medium
B001946B04 Green Earth Technologies Car Wash Medium


1. Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo


Adam’s car wash shampoo will not only give your car a pampered experience but will also leave it looking stunning with its advanced luxury conditioning formula.

Providing a solution to all of your car wash needs, Adam’s car wash shampoo will be effective in the fight against dirt and grime on your vehicle and helps to prevent further contaminations that attach to the exterior of your vehicle.

This is important because if you leave any type of contamination too long on your vehicle, it will quickly make the appearance of your car deteriorate. This leads to rust and other external damages due to the protective paint layer deteriorating.

This shampoo will clean your car effectively while being gentle or removing any protection from the exterior of your vehicle.

Adam’s car wash shampoo has been formulated to ensure that it won’t strip the wax on your vehicle, meaning you won’t have to apply wax too often anymore.

Your beautiful finish will stay protected even longer and won’t diminish quickly.

The shampoo smells absolutely fantastic and doesn’t have a chemical like smell that a lot of shampoos on the market do. It has a soft and gentle formula also meaning it won’t irritate your skin during cleaning your vehicle.

The soap creates more suds than a lot of other products on the market meaning a little goes a long way.

If you are worried about the environment and like everything to be eco safe, Adams shampoo is 100% biodegradable and earth friendly so it won’t affect the environment and isn’t loaded with unsafe chemicals.

Adams promises a very effective, safe and earth friendly product while providing for all of your car wash needs. Expertly formulated, it’s a great choice for any car lover.

2. Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash


Meguiar’s try to tailor different products to accommodate the specific needs and preferences of customers.

As a well-known producer of over the counter products, Meguiar tries to always provide a high-quality product and offer a significant range of products.

With this soap, they provide a 2-in-1 formula as it cleans and conditions all at once and won’t strip any existing wax. The product won’t contribute to paint deterioration either.

A very strong soap it makes sure to get the job done and remove any dirt, grime and grease from your vehicle with ease.

Due to also containing a conditioning element, Meguiar’s Gold Class will leave the paint work on your car looking shiny without having to wax.

This product has been made to last a long time as you only need 1 ounce to a gallon of water to fully clean your car. Due to its high soap content, low usage and affordability a lot of professional car dealerships swear by this product.

It has a high foaming content which believe it or not is actually rather important to clean your car, the suds are what help to remove any contaminations from your vehicle.

The car wash is perfectly pH balanced and will retain its suds for the entire cleaning process.

Gentle on your skin and environmentally friendly, this soap won’t cause unneeded irritation and can just be poured away without causing damage to the environment.

The best part of this soap is, once you are done cleaning due to the conditioning properties of the soap is that your car will look shiny and brand new again.

Many customers love this soap and it is highly praised by people even customers who have bought it just to try and now use it very regularly.

3. Griot’s Garage Brilliant Car Wash


Griot’s Garage Brilliant Car Wash is a fairly newer product to the market but already has been making strides in the industry.

As many people know generic car soaps can actually damage paintwork on your car due to the harsh chemicals used in them, however, this soap is different.

This is a mild and perfectly balanced pH shop that delivers amazing cleaning results. Many professional and regular people have tried this soap and are surprised by how well it works.

Designed to gently yet effectively clean your vehicle, it offers great lubrication and high amount of suds meaning a little goes a long way.

This product promises to remove any contaminations, dirt, grease and grime from your car and certainly delivers.

As with the other soaps mentioned, this soap is environmentally friendly and is very mild meaning it won’t irritate your skin while cleaning your car.

The smell provided by this isn’t chemical at all, it offers a very pleasant fruity smell which of course is pleasant to the senses but leaves your car with a fresh feel.

The formula of Griot’s Garage Brilliant Finish soap leaves your car conditioned, shiny and streak free to offer a flawless finish.

This soap has been created to be long lasting, meaning you will need to wash your car less frequently but still retain a clean and shiny finish.

Many people are wary about using company created soaps and tend to create their own, however, this soap offers every benefit that your own made eco-friendly soap does.

Though a newer product, Griots Garage Brilliant finish soap has proved time and time again through many users to be an all-rounded product and works continually.

It’s an amazing soap that delivers everything it promises and very highly recommended for car enthusiasts.


The overall deliverance of these soaps have come out way above average and every one of them offers amazing cleaning properties and holds up to what it promises.

The three soaps mentioned above are top brands on the market which have been proved evident by all the positive user reviews. Each product offers immaculate cleaning without doing any damage to the paintwork or wax or your vehicle.

These soaps are available in various sizes of bottles and recommend only one ounce to clean your car diluted with one gallon of water. This means your soap will go a long way and the bottle can last for 6 months or more.

All offer an environmentally friendly and gentle formula with absolutely no harmful chemicals so it won’t harm you or the environment.

All three soaps mentioned, offer a formula that will provide your vehicle with an amazing shine and condition to your car and protect your paintwork.

None of them, however, include wax but will still protect the existing wax on your car.

A great soap will leave your car looking shiny and brand new, which all of these products certainly do deliver and are a favourite among car lovers who pride themselves in taking care of their vehicles.

Buying Guide

What Exactly Is Car Soap Used For?

As a car owner, you will need to maintain your car not only to keep it clean but to keep your paint work protected to prevent rust and elemental damages.

This is where car soap comes in, it allows you to wash your car and remove all contaminations, dirt, grime and grease all while protecting the coating of paint.

It can also be used for aesthetic reasons but the most important reasons are protection and maintenance.

However, you do have to be rather careful when choosing a soap as some can severely damage your vehicle because of all the harmful chemicals included in it.

Which Products Should I use?


Dedicated Car Wash Products

When cleaning your vehicle, you should always use a dedicated car wash product which is mild and designed to use on cars. It’s hard to avoid dirt, grease and grime from collecting on your car and the soaps specifically designed for cars are made to remove these without causing damage.

When cleaning your car always use a non-abrasive cloth to remove any dirt and when lathering the soap on your car always use a natural sponge or a lambs wool mitt.

Always use a separate sponge to clean the car body, wheels, tires etc as your tires can be coated with sand, dust and other contaminants that will either damage or dull the finish from the soaps used.

Do not’s

Never use a household cleaner to clean your car as the majority of these will severely damage the paintwork and strip the wax from the car. None of the household products you have are formulated for use on cars.

Products to Avoid
  • Dish soap
  • Hand soap
  • Glass cleaner
  • Detergent

General Car Washing Guidelines


Before washing your car please ensure to rinse any surface thoroughly first as it will remove any dirt and debris that may be loose and cause your paintwork to be scratched. During washing be careful to concentrate on only one section at a time and completely finish before you move on to the next area.

Work your car soap into a good lather with plenty of suds which will provide much-needed lubrication on the surface of your vehicle.

Always rinse the sponge often to make sure the dirt collected is being removed from it and use a separate bucket to rinse the sponge as to keep the dirt from the soapy water used to wash your car.

Do Not’s

Never wash your car when the body has reached high temperatures, such in situations of being parked directly in sunlight or after a drive. The heat will speed up the drying of the soap too quickly making it significantly difficult to wash your car and may cause soap spots to form.

Never move your sponge in circles as it may cause swirl marks and noticeable scratches. You should instead, move your sponge lengthways across the surface of the vehicle and always replace your sponge if you happen to drop it on the ground.


Maintaining your vehicle should be a priority and washing is a big part of that responsibility. It will protect your car from damages by ensuring the paintwork won’t wear away quickly.

Of course keeping your car clean will look very aesthetically pleasing but it also provides long lasting rust resistance.

A proper non-harsh chemical soap should be used in order to maintain your vehicle and not cause any further damage or wear away your paint.

You should also make sure to use the proper tools to clean your car, as damaging your vehicle will not only decrease value if you ever decide to sell but will cause decay of it quicker.

Cars have been invented to last a long time but do require a certain level of care to ensure it does.

If you look after your car properly, you can decrease ageing of it as an older car may still look brand new with proper care.

You can keep your car looking amazing for many years by just putting a little time and effort into care for it and using the proper soap greatly helps with this.

Though built to last and heavy machinery, cars can be rather delicate and need a certain level of tender loving care.


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