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Best Bluetooth Transmitters 2017

Best Bluetooth Transmitters 2017

The development of technology has certainly come a long way in a short period of time. Because of this development we are lucky to have technologies that can enhance and extend the lifespan of others. Bluetooth is a technology that has been making the rounds in the form of transmitters and receivers. These are small devices that are made to connect the functions of all the electronic devices we tend to gather so we can enjoy them. Believe it or not, you will need the use of these devices at some point or another. This is why we are taking the opportunity to introduce to you the best Bluetooth transmitters to work with your television, iPod, headphone, computer, watch and smart home devices.

Top 10 Bluetooth Transmitters

TaoTronics  4.1 Transmitter4.6$$785
TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter4.5$$333
Avantree Bluetooth Transmitter4.3$$452
Indigo BTR9 Transmitter4.3$560
TaoTronics Portable Transmitter4.2$$5523
Indigo BTR9L Stereo Transmitter4.2$$189
iClever Transmitter 4$847
Miccus Home RTX3.9$$$1159
GOgroove BlueSENSE TRM3.7$$635
Creative Bluetooth Transmitter3.6$$127

TaoTronics – TT BA06 4.0 Audio Transmitter

Bluetooth 4.0 Transmitter, TaoTronics Wireless Transmitter for TV with 3.5mm Adapter & USB Dongle (High-Fidelity Stereo, Plug and Play via USB or AUX Input, Charging While Playing for TV & iPod)

The TaoTronics is one of the most reliable Bluetooth transmitters having the capacity to last you up to ten hours. And if you are apprehensive about testing it to the maximum, you can use the device while it is charging. The TaoTronics is so small no one will notice you operating your devices. Pair your TV, laptop or any Bluetooth enabled device such as your headphone and speaker for seamless transmission from any sound system. What’s more, you can use the transmitter with other devices that are wired to a 3.5 mm jack. Worrying about annoying audio lag like what you get from some devices? The TaoTronics operate well within 0.2 – 0.3 sec. of lag time and you won’t even notice.

Some reasons you should consider the TaoTronics TT BA06 Audio Transmitter:

  • This is one of the most reliable transmitters on the market. You can even use it while it is being charged.
  • You can use it with any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Pairing is easy and fast. You can use your device in mere seconds after.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • The red glow from the power button sometimes remains after charging. This can be bothersome in the dark.

Indigo BTR9L Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter

Indigo BTR9 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter and Receiver 2-in-1 Switchable Adapter for TVs, Computers, MP3 Players, iPods, Headphones

Here’s the scenario. You are in the same room as other family members but want to watch your favorite TV movies or play the latest game you just acquired. However, it would be thoughtless of you to disturb or distract the others with your interests; so you would rather decrease the sounds to just your space which is so hard to do. A better idea is to get the Indigo BTR9L Wireless Bluetooth transmitter for TV and pretty soon they will become interested in this small device. The Indigo BTR9L carries both a transmitter and receiver mode. However, the gadget is so straightforward, anyone can operate it. This transmitter will last you up to 11 hours and you can connect from as far as 10 feet away.

Some reasons you should consider the Indigo BTR9L:

  • It is quite inexpensive and therefore very accessible.
  • There is no difficulty at all in operating the device. The least technologically savvy person will find it easy to use.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • The 1 – 2 seconds audio delay may be distracting.

The Avantree Bluetooth Multipoint Transmitter – Priva II

Avantree Bluetooth Transmitter LOW LATENCY Wireless Audio Bluetooth Adapter for TV PC and HEADPHONEs V4.1 aptX LL Dual Link PRIVA II

You can’t ask for more when it comes to audio streaming.  The Avantree Bluetooth audio transmitter is the one to stream audio to your headphone, speakers and other devices that are Bluetooth enabled. This technology produces the most seamless of audio transmissions, a better quality you won’t get anywhere else. So whether it is from your TV, iPod, laptop, PC or other device,  the Avantree uses low latency technology to give you excellent Hi-fi definition performance. Furthermore, there is almost zero audio delay to make your TV viewing more enjoyable.

Some reasons you should consider the Avantree transmitter:

  • There is almost no audio delay because it is supported by latency technology.
  • You can simply connect the Avantree to the USB of your Bluetooth enabled audio device and not have to worry about charging or take advantage of the built-in battery which acts as an adapter
  • The Avantree lets you and your friends have fun together as it has the capacity to stream audio simultaneously to two headphones or speakers.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • You need to ensure that your audio device has analog audio outputs such as 3.5 mm jack, RCA audio out, or a headphone jack.
  • You will only benefit from the low latency technology if your receiving devices are low latency.

The Anker 2-in-1 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Receiver

Anker 2-in-1 3.5mm Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Receiver / Bluetooth Car Kit, Wireless Audio Adapter for Headphones, TV, Computer / PC, MP3 / MP4 Player, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Tablets and More

The Anker 2-in-1 is considered the dream Bluetooth transmitter and receiver to work with the most classic of stereo equipment around town. For its very small size, this device packs a powerful punch to stream your treasured music playlist or library. It lets you pair your high definition audio devices in seconds through just one control button. Attach this Anker transmitter receiver to your stereo speakers or headphone and enjoy music for up to 10 meters away from your phone or tablet. At the same time, you don’t need to bother that you have to be tied to your TV, MP3 player, e-reader or CD/DVD player.

Some reasons you should consider the Avantree transmitter:

  • It is a 2-in-1 system so you won’t need to buy separate transmitting and receiving devices.
  • It is very inexpensive.
  • It carries a handsome battery life.
  • It is very simple to

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • Everyone prefers longer battery life.

The Creative BT-D1 USB Transmitter

Creative Bluetooth Audio USB Transmitter (BT-D1)

The Creative BT-D1 USB transmitter is the ultimate in streaming high definition music from a PC or laptop computer. This USB Bluetooth transmitter lets you connect wirelessly and your computer audio is never the same. Here you get the best audio transmission through Bluetooth speakers or from any other Bluetooth enabled device. There is no worry in setup. Just plug into your computer’s USB port and play. The Creative BT-D1 USB transmitter is compatible with aptX supported devices and stereo Bluetooth technology.

Some reasons you should consider the Creative BT-D1 USB transmitter.

  • The stereo sound quality is excellent.
  • It operates within a 10 meter range.
  • It is easy to use; you just plug and play.