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Best Bed Sheets Reviews 2018

Best Bed Sheets Reviews 2018

So, You’re looking to buy some bed sheets? What a headache that can be!

Bed sheets are a staple part of bed linen and there are many different bed sheets available to choose from. Though many bed sheets look great which is an important part of buying, they also should be soft and can help improve the quality of sleep you get each night.

Shopping for bed sheets can be a hit or a miss as you may pick up bed sheets that seem fantastic in store but when you use them at home, you wish you picked a different brand. The main reason people fall into this buying trap is that the bed sheets look good, so they must meet all criteria, right? Skip to the best bed sheets on Amazon.

Sadly this is wrong, you’ll soon figure out there are many factors that make a great bed sheet, it isn’t all about looks. An attractive bed sheet doesn’t necessarily mean a good nights sleep, they should be attractive and practical while offering all the benefits a good bed sheet should.

In this article, I will provide the top 10 chosen bed sheets and hopefully save you a bit of guesswork when looking to buy new bed sheets.

Top 10 Bed Sheets

ImageProduct NameMaterialAvailable In Different Bed Sizes
Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha - 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set - Softest Bed Sheets and Pillow Cases - Lifetime Protection (Queen, Ivory)Synthetic RubberYes
100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set - 1000 Thread Count | Single Ply - Sateen Weave | Set Includes One Flat Sheet, One Fitted Sheet & Two Pillowcases100% Authentic Egyptian CottonYes
Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Pleated Hem Sheet Set - Cal King, Sterling100% Authentic Egyptian CottonUp to 17”
Brielle 100-Percent Modal from Beech Jersey Knitted Sheet Set, Full, Graphite100% Jersey Knit CottonYes
Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Hemstitch Sheet Set - Queen, Light Gray100% Authentic Egyptian CottonYes
Solid Ivory 300 Thread Count California King size Sheet Set 100 % Cotton 4pc Bed Sheet set (Deep Pocket) By sheetsnthings100% Authentic Egyptian CottonYes
Elles Bedding Collections Bed Sheets 100% Cotton Sheet Set, 400 Thread Count Light, Sateen Weave, 15 inch Deep Pocket, 4-Piece Bedsheet set (Queen, TAUPE)100% Authentic Sateen Weave CottonYes
Solid Grey 300 Thread Count Twin Extra Long size Sheet Set 100 % Cotton 3pc Bed Sheet set (Deep Pocket)Twin XL By sheetsnthings100% Authentic Egyptian CottonYes
Solid White Percale Queen Size Sheet Set 100 % Cotton (Deep Pocket) 300 Thread count By Sheetsnthings100% Authentic Egyptian CottonYes
Brielle 100-Percent Modal from Beech Jersey Knitted Sheet Set, Queen, Light Blue100% Jersey Knit CottonYes

Bed Sheets Reviews

1. Classic Bamboo Bed Sheets

Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha - 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set - Softest Bed Sheets and Pillow Cases - Lifetime Protection (Queen, Ivory)

Made from 100% genuine viscose from bamboo and sporting a twill weave construction, the manufacturer claims that the sheets are twice as soft as regular cotton sheets. Within the package, it contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillow cases.

Taking a closer looking at the stitching, material and overall quality of the sheets, they have a fairly decent built and have held up pretty well against other bed sheets. Some users have complained of double stitching, crooked stitching and loose threads.

To be fair to the Cariloha Bamboo Sheets, some loose threading is to be expected due to them not being made from materials that are as tough or strong.

One bad point of these sheets is that they are subject to quite a bit of shrinkage during washing, granted not a lot but many people don’t like the average shrink rate of 5% however, there are methods that can be used to tackle this.

As we mentioned earlier with users complaining about loose threads, one thing that has to be noted is that even after multiple wash cycles these sheets were still in almost perfect condition.

The Cariloha bed sheets are mostly known for their softness and almost luxurious product and that is a promise they certainly kept. These are one of the single most comfortable bed sheets on the market.

The bed sheets also have somewhat of a “cooling” effect, being around 3 degrees more cool than cotton sheets which are perfect for summer months.

The bedding set is available in almost all bedding sizes and comes in a range of colours, all colours are solid with no patterning but the sheets still look incredibly good.

If you want some silky soft, comfortable sheets then the Cariloha bamboo sheets are definitely a recommended buy for your bed.

2. Exceptional Sheets

1000 Thread Count Pillowcases | 100% Egyptian Cotton 2-Piece Pillowcase Set | 4 Inch Hem Standard Solid

The exceptional bed sheets are made from 1000 thread count, 100% genuine Egyptian Cotton and it’s certainly a high-quality bed sheet.

These sheets due to sporting a thread count of 100 are made to be durable, thick, high quality and more so, very comfortable. The exceptional sheets are designed to be soft and wrinkle free all the while sacrificing no durability.

The comfort of these sheets are second to none and like the Cariloha bamboo sheets, they have cooling properties but also keep you warm when you need it most.

These bed sheets have been well known for the quality they provide, they don’t skip on any details and provide only the highest quality possible. Many consumers who have reviewed these sheets have spoken about how these sheets are high quality, comfortable and hold up well after nightly usage.

Compared to a traditional sheet, you will definitely be able to see that they are of a higher quality as they have been crafted with the finest 100% genuine Egyptian cotton.

These bed sheets are highly durable and won’t break down easily even after multiple washes and years of nightly use. They have been specifically crafted to last for years before even a tiny issue begins to arise.

I did, however, find some reviews from users stating that after the first wash there were some very minor issues with the set, but this isn’t usually typical for a sheet of this quality.

The bedding set has been Made to fit most beds and come in a range of colours, they have something to suit everyone.

These bed sheets are made to be of the highest quality while keeping some style elements to it. A great wrinkle free, comfortable and durable bed sheet that is certainly worth the money you pay for it.

3. Pinzon Sheets

Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Pleated Hem Sheet Set - Cal King, Sterling

The Pinzon bed sheets sport a lightweight 400 thread count offering smoothness and strength all while keeping your comfort as optimal as can be.

These sheets are made from Egyptian cotton but sadly aren’t 100% Egyptian cotton, but they do still retain their softness and strength. Though the company don’t advertise that they aren’t exactly 100% Egyptian cotton but personally, I think they still have the same feel.

The Pinzon bed sheets have a sateen finish to allow for all-season comfort, so you won’t get too warm in the summer or be too chilly in the winter. The sateen finish also gives the set a satin like look and makes them appear to be more glamorous and provide a feeling of luxury.

Also adding to the feeling of luxury, these sheets are completed with a pleated hem on all bedding included within the package, which just looks gorgeous.

The downside of these pleats, however, is that they don’t hold up well in the wash and tend to wrinkle up as they aren’t sewn down and some users even complain about them being far too rough.

The rich cottony feel doesn’t feel like true Egyptian cotton but still contain every aspect of feeling soft and breathable.

Unfortunately, they don’t fit all mattresses, they only fit up to around a 17″ deep mattress which is a Queen sized bed but anything above this and you may have trouble fitting the sheet.

You can buy this bedding set in a few colours, that are mostly neutral tones including brown, beige, white and greys which do offer a small side of elegance.

If you are looking for a decent buy for your money that will offer comfort and allow room for breathability then you can not go wrong with these sheets.


A good looking bed can be pleasurable to not only see but to ease into at the end of a long day and the bed sheets are an important part of putting your bed together. Each of the three sheets mentioned above has their good and bad points as all products on the market do have not everything can be 100% perfect.

However, these sheets do offer something for everyone depending on what you are looking for, whether it’s style reasons or comfortability reasons.

The top two bed sheets definitely outrank the Pinzon as they are more reliable and have fewer issues with durability and hold up better when compared.

As for the Pinzon, it’s rather limited to which bed you can fit it on, you can fit it on a maximum of queen sized bed whereas the Cariloha and the Exceptional sheets tailor to nearly every bed size, up to a California King Bed.

I personally think the size of the sheets is a huge and very important factor, I feel the bigger it goes the better.

Overall I would say, no matter your choice all of these sheets bring something unique to the table and can certainly make your nights sleep more comfortable and enjoyable.

Best Bed Sheet Buying Guide

What Exactly Is A Bed Sheet?

A bed sheet simply put, is a rectangular piece of fabric used as bedding and usually places below the occupants of the bed or on top. Bed sheets can be broken into two categories which are top and bottom sheets in which a bottom sheet is placed above the mattress and the top sheet is placed on top of the occupants.



Cotton sheets are the popular choice among consumers as they offer a soft feel and are very breathable. They don’t seem to wrinkle as much and are an eco choice and usually fairly reasonably priced to buy.


The most luxurious material on the market, they are breathable and soft but do have problems with sliding off the bed due to the materials used.


These sheets are very thick and durable, usually used in winter months to help keep warm and though soft is actually rather terrible for summer months.


Satin is in the same situation as silk as it offers all of the benefits that it does but also has the same problem with sliding from beds due to the material used.

Knowing Your Fabrics

A higher quality of sheet will use cotton with extra long fibres which can be spun into very fine but strong yarns. The most notable long-staple cotton are Supima, Pima and Egyptian but please keep in mind, just because these are the top cotton it doesn’t mean that other types of cotton can’t make incredible bed sheets.

Thread Count

The thread count is determined by a square inch of fabric, if you count up the threads that run horizontally and vertically then you have your thread count. In general the higher the thread count then supposedly, the softer the sheet and the more durable it should be.

A good bed sheet should range from 200 – 800 thread count, however, there are many sheets reaching over 1,000 thread count but a high thread count doesn’t always mean the sheet is better.

You can’t assume that a low thread count will mean a lower quality sheet as there are many on the market that are budget, low thread count but finished in such a way it feels like a higher quality bed sheet.


Generally, the weave of the sheet won’t be a big factor in whether you buy or not but there are some things you should know about weaves, that all too often don’t appear on packaging.

Sateen Weave

A cotton cloth which has been made with a satin weave, giving a very soft and a luxurious feel. However, the durability is less than a sheet with a tighter weave.

Percale Weave

Simply, a plain durable weave. This is the typical weave used for sheets and can have a thread count as low as 80.

Combed Cotton Weave

The weave of this has been combed thoroughly to remove strong fibres and only leaving the longer ones remaining which will make your fabric very strong but retain softness.


If you desire to improve your quality of sleep then bed sheets are one way to achieve this as there are various types of materials and colours to choose from. There are many sheets available from budget sheets to very expensive premium sheets, however, keep in mind that not all expensive sheets mean the best quality.

Even some premium quality sheets are made to the same standard are lesser sheets or even of rather poor quality.

Not all bed sheets are made equally and it can take some time to eliminate the lesser quality sheets from the better quality ones.

You need to take a minute and think about all of the new knowledge you just learned about bed sheets and apply it when you next decide to buy, it will let you know what to look for and make your shopping experience easier.

At the end of the day, it’s yourself you are buying the sheets for so you need to know not only what you want but what will benefit you in a long term situation. You don’t want to buy a sheet that falls apart completely within the first wash, or after a few nights of rest.