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Best Beach Cart Reviews 2018

Best Beach Cart Reviews 2018

You thought to yourself, there must be an easier way to get your beach gear closer to the water. You are done with hauling and lifting cooler, towels, chairs and all the other paraphernalia over sand and obstacles from car to beach. Wait! You have not counted the kids and all the spades and buckets, sunscreen and swing gear you would not dare to forget. You need a strong and reliable beach cart that can do all that hard work for you and which will give you maximum time with your family. That’s why we have gone ahead to research and present several of the best beach carts for you to choose from. Skip to the best beach cart on Amazon.

Top 10 Beach Carts

TimberRidge Folding Wagon4.6$$88
Mac Sports Beach Wagon4.3$$288
Heavy Duty Wheeleez4.2$$$$29
Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart4.2$$$$29
Tommy Bahama All Terrain Cart4.2$$323
Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler4.2$$678
Rio Deluxe Wonder Wheeler3.9$$202
ABO Gear Beach Lugger3.7$$$74
Rio Beach Wonder Cart3.6$$80
Light Duty Folding Wagon3$$$53

Beach Cart Reviews

The Wonder Wheeler

Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart - Easy Roll Ultra Wide Wheels - Silver Mist Frame

This cart is made with you in mind to carry a modest cooler and all your beach gear for a wonderful party. You do not need to make trip after trip. With everything in, the Wonder Wheeler easily slides over bumps and rides over sand with its wide back wheels made for the purpose. You can carry your chairs and umbrella easily as you can hook them to the front and sides of the cart. This leaves the inside space free for other items.

Some reasons you should consider the Wonder Wheeler:

  • The mesh tote allows you to pack in your wet items.
  • It folds flat for easy storage.
  • It has a wide carrying capacity.
  • It is long-lasting as it is supported with a sturdy steel frame.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • Small front wheels tend to get stuck in the sand especially when you are carrying heavy load.
  • There is the likelihood for rusting if it is not kept clean.

The Wheelez Beach Cart

The Wheelez is billed as one of the best beach carts with big wheels. It is a tub-like cart where you can pack a load of up to 220lbs. Unlike other 4-wheelers, the Wheelez carries two huge balloon wheels that make the ride over any type of terrain a breeze. What’s more, the wheels are detachable, allowing for easier storage. Fit your cooler, chairs, kids’ stuff, and any other item you desire for a fun day at the beach.

Some reasons you should consider the Wheelez Beach Cart:

  • The big wheels make it easy to ride over sand and other rough terrain.
  • The tub is made of polyethylene for longer lasting.
  • You can fit in plenty of items.
  • Detachable wheels and handles make for easy storage.
  • A kickstand fixes the cart in place to prevent rolling.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • You will need to fasten your load to prevent sliding.
  • There is no defined carrying area.
  • The wheelez is pretty expensive.

The Sandusky Lee

Light Duty Folding Wagon Finish: Blue

This is a simply built wagon made to transport your most valuable items to the beach.  Pack your cooler, chairs, towels, and children’s toys for a fun day. With a strong carrying case that is made of fabric, the cart is supported by a sturdy steel frame guaranteed to last a long time. The cart also runs on four large tricycle type wheels and pivoting axles at the front making it more adaptable as the ultimate beach cart for sand.

Some reasons you should consider the Sandusky Lee:

  • It is quite inexpensive.
  • It folds and unfolds easily and makes for easy storage.
  • It is well supported by strong steel frames.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • You may have to reconsider some items to take to avoid damage to the fabric.
  • It has a smaller carrying capacity; you may only carry up to fifty-five pounds into deep sand.

The Tommy Bahamas Beach Cart

Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart

This cart compares well with its competitors such as the Wonder Wheeler but the Tommy Bahamas has a strong mesh fabric designed to hold all your beach requirements for a relaxing time. This cart has the capacity to carry four chairs, a cooler and other items and you can transport up to 100lbs of weight. A removable tote bag lets you carry your towels and personal items. Its tough steel frame supports the mesh fabric. You can remove the wheels and fold the cart for easy storage.

Some reasons you should consider the Tommy Bahamas Beach Cart:

  • The cart is quite inexpensive.
  • It is easily folded for storage.
  • The cart comes with a detachable insulated cargo bag.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • Wheels may disintegrate under more pressure.

The JGRC Beach Table Cart

Rio Beach Wonder Cart-Beach Table Cart

If you would like your beach cart to give you some versatility, you will find it in the Transporter Beach Table Cart.  This cart is most competitive because it can be converted to a table. All you need is a cosy spot to lay out your cart and chair and you do not need to go searching for a beach table spot. The transporter has the capacity to take up to four chairs, your umbrella, towels and other handy beach necessities. In addition you can easily remove the wheels and fold the cart for easy storage.

Some reasons you should consider the JGRC Beach Table Cart:

  • It is inexpensive.
  • The cart doubles as a table.
  • It has good carrying capacity.
  • It easily rides over rough and sandy terrain.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • With only two large wheels, you fare better by pulling the cart.

The ABO Gear Beach Lugger

ABO Gear Beach Lugger

Here is a trolley that you will consider as the best beach cooler cart. This cart hauls up to 90lbs and lets you easily fit cooler, chairs, towels and other items for a great day at the beach. The ABO Gear Beach Lugger has a steel frame that is easy to assemble. In addition, this two-wheeler is built for the sand as its nine-inch wheels easily ride without getting stuck. What’s more, the cart is light in weight and at the same time very sturdy.

Some reasons you should consider the ABO Gear Beach Lugger:

  • This is a sturdy cart that is built for the rugged terrain.
  • The large tires won’t get stuck but roll easily over sand.
  • It is quite easy to assemble; you do not even need tools to do so.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • You need to check the wheels to ensure they are properly inflated.